Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Please let people know

OK. Two projects of raising money has over. I did get support, but it wasn't enough. I still need some money. From the magazine that I work for I started to receive a promise that accept having a free entrance to shows, another platform to show my photos with a credit and a little fame - probably soon I will receive some money for my work. Still even that I'm not sure it means more than 3-4 shows at a month. Old readers knows what I can do. Even new ones have a history to see at this blog. And accept money - a little more fame of my own without the magazine or the big shadow of my talented sister (I do mean it, I think she is talented and she's my inspire and my first push to make art more than a hobby) - I would love to people know me as myself, as a photographer and as a blogger. 

So, if you can share a link this blog between your friends, Facebook, Twitter or anything like this - I would be cherish for you. You can also like my Facebook page and contact me through there. In case you want to buy photos as collectors, or buy for a magazine. I'm at Tel Aviv, Israel, if you're here... I can take your photos. I can do it for posters of dance, theater or movies. I can take photos at rock concert, jazz or flamenco shows at clubs, restaurants and theaters of Tel Aviv and Jaffa. If you have enough money and a good way to take me to another place (I'm broke and without a car) - it will be good as well. Stage artists will get a special treatment - I will be glad to give you more publicity through this blog, Facebook and maybe Instagram. CD's that I will take the photo on the cover will be publish here. Shows' dates will be publish here with photos that I took, even if I won;t be able to go to all (but you will have to ask for at least one show that I will take the photos). Posters of dance shows, theater plays or movies that I took the photos for will be publish here as well. If you will give me with dates - it will be included. 

Magazine at Israel - if anyone look for a photographer for stage arts or fashion - I would love to do the job. 

And this is my Facebook page (you can see some more things there too):


And by the way - I'm also a non professional flamenco dancer. My way to promote flamenco because I love it is another blog. And now I also take photos of flamenco when I can. This is a link to the flamenco blog:


Thank you for your attention. In case you also help me to publish the blog or invite some works of mine - even a bigger thanks

At the photo up: Compas Company and Miguel Angel at a rehearsal for a show

At the photo up: Elisete

At the photos  up: Idan Cohen Dance Company

At the photo up: Angela Dance Company

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