Monday, August 29, 2016

At Sarona TLV

So, those photos has been chosen.
Those three that I took of Mijal Natan
while a show of hers and her flamenco dance company - Compas Company.

Now those photos are some kind of promoting Sarona TLV
where this show has been taken. It's in the Facebook page
of Sarona TLV. Compas Company has received
the show credit as they should. 
I received the photography credit as I should and got the promise.

As far as the Facebook page made for Israelis -
it was written at Hebrew. This is their text:

אתמול עפנו בהופעה של COMPAS בשרונה!
הופעה וירטואוזית של רקדניות, מוזיקאים וזמרים,
רגע לאחר סיבוב ההופעות שלהם ביפן 🇯🇵
צילום: אורנה טימן.

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