Sunday, August 28, 2016

Live flamenco show outdoors (one before all)

So, there was a flamenco show of Compas Company at
Sarona TLV, Tel Aviv.
First show that I take photos outdoors. 
At least at those hours.
 I wasn't the only photographer
and someone else took a better spot that I did before
I found where is the stage.

I received an approval to take those photos
if the management of Sarona TLV will get some photos
for marketing. No problem! I want to know where to send it to,
just give me the photography credit.

While looking at the photos for sending - I was uploading few
photos to my Facebook page with a credit to the place

I tagged the dancer and two of three musicians
(can't remember if the third is a friend and if he got a profile at all).
Hadas Nestel was one of the dancers.
She removed the tags and wrote me a message.
She thanked me for taking photos, but told me
that the photos are not good. She told me how should I take it.

But now she uploaded again one of the photos. She thanked me
for taking it, but it's from her profile now and it looks like after a little work.....

So, this is one of the photos that I took at Sarona TLV
at a show of Compas Company. 
And a little work that I didn't do.

At the photo:
Hadas Nestel (at the right),
Moran Ron (left)
and the singer Shuky Shveiky

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