Monday, August 22, 2016

Shanni Harpaz / שני הרפז‎

This is a photo that I took of Shanni Harpaz. 
She came to perform as a guest star at a show of
Oriana Sheffi.

I took photos of this show for Raash Magazine.
I received an approval from Oriana to take some photos 
also at the part before at the music balance and last rehearsal.

So, one photo from the show itself Shanni Harpaz
shared from the Facebook page of the magazine to her Facebook page.
It's the photo down. At this case - I have the photography
credit that I suppose to get.

But - the photo up is something different.
She saved the photo and made it as a profile and cover
photo of her own Facebook page. The photo up that she used
this way is a photo that I took at the rehearsal from the artists' room.
She didn't mention that anyone took this photo. 
I find it as a complement that she loved this photo THAT much
to use it for her Facebook page, but.... I came there as a professional
photographer, I made it as a part of my work. I don't receive much money
from the magazine and still work there cause I still need some more
publicity, networks and experience. From the magazine
at least I receive it with the right photography credit.

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