Friday, January 6, 2017

Couple from the show

A little bit of complements, but one just makes me sorry that I don't add my logo on the photos.

I took those photos at the show of Haya Miller for Raash Magazine:

At both are the group members Kosta Kaplan (without a shirt)
and Stav Ben-shachar‎ (The drummer).

Let's start with the photo down.
At the page of Raash Magazine someone wrote
a comment on that she's staring at the photo
for 40 minutes.

The photo up - Kosta Kaplan has changes his
profile photo at Facebook to this photo. Many people liked
and loved it. 
Two problems:
No photography credit. One of the comments
at his profile is that at live it's better.
Well, everything is better in live than
to see it photos/TV/movies.
The idea at photos is the give the memory of the moment.
And looks like many others loved the way I took those moments

So, the photography credit has been given after a private message

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