Saturday, January 21, 2017

Upcoming contest

Recently I took one more step with watching drag. Till not long ago - for me it was at TV/movies/Facebook. Well, through Facebook I did get to know Shirley Charlie Kleinman. Shirley used to be a Drag King long time ago, made a brake with it, got back to stage as a Drag King with the stage name Michael Angelo and looked like it wasn't enough. Few months ago Shirley has started a monthly party with a drag shows. She's on a stage again as Michael Angelo and there are some more Drag Kings and Queens. This monthly party with shows happens at Tel Aviv and called "Drag Up Your Ass". So far - I was I was invited twice to take some photos at those parties with shows. I really loved it. I hope to be invited again to take some photos. 

So, now I know that it's another thing that I love. Still as a watcher. But in case you will in Tel Aviv this June and you are a Drag Queen or a Drag King - you have a chance to get into a Drag Contest. 

This is a link for the regulations and enrollment:

And those are few photos from
Drag Up Your Ass, December 2016

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