Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A warning

Don't work with this guy - the one at the right.
His name is Alon Pasternak.

I took once photos at a show of him for
Raash Magazine. One of the things that still hold me
at this magazine is the fact we (the photographers
and writers) can choose the shows. I was choosing
his show only because Gal De Paz was a guest star.
I really love her as musician. I don't know her well as
a person, but I hear a lot that she's amazing also as a person.
About him - never heard of him before and probably
I was deny the offer to take this show if Gal wasn't there.

He invited me to another show. I didn't want to come without a
good reason. I've seen a show of him as a part of work, it was nice,
but not enough that I would like to pay for a ticket. I offered to take photos
for the magazine. The manager of the magazine didn't want
because it wasn't much after having some photos from another show of him,
the same show that I went. So, need a photographer anyway?
He had someone for a video and liked the idea of photos because of this blog.

Only two days before the show he accepted really to talk about
how to do it, had promises about "maybe" - it was about if the show will
be sold out (it was, or at leas close to it) and if a certain song
of his will be a hit. By his words - it is a hit now.

A day after the show he didn't stop to complain about my
work. Interesting,,,, other musicians "hates" my photography
so much that they use my photos as profile photos at Facebook
and some use it as posters for other shows. And give me photography credits.

I take dance photos. Three used as promotion for Sarona Market
at Tel Aviv - with a photography credit. Michal Ben-Zvi
used a photo that I took of hers for two different posters of
two different shows at Spain. 

And back to Alon Pasternak - after the second show that
I went to take his photos, while he complained - I noticed that
he has much less people who likes his Facebook fan page than I have.
After complaining - he uploaded few photos that I took without giving
any credit, he wrote the credit after I wrote some comments and he deleted
it. He didn't even think to apologize. He got back complaining.

And now I found out that my work is terrible because he
thinks so, and no, he does not attend to pay for it.
If I only knew that he will only complain, will need a reminder
to give a photography credit (now he thinks he made it without a reminder)
and after stories that Facebook was uploading alone the photos,
and he won;t pay for my work - I wouldn't even think to come to this show.
He invited me, if it wasn't for taking photos and to understand it
won't be for money, and more - if I only knew it will finish with
his complains and a reminder for credits and telling me how wrong I am - 
no way that I would accept to come.

And by his new words - I need HIM
for publicity....

You can see it as a warning from working
for free with Alon Pasternak

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