Friday, May 5, 2017

An item from a drag project

So, there is a drag conference called RuPaul's DragCon.
As a part of making the Israeli drag for international -
a guy called Sahar Cohen who's a drag queen himself
found a way to produce a project for the 
RuPaul's DragCon conference.

As a part of this project - the talented Dave Yaacov
(a painter, designer and a drag queen)
makes some collages with some photos of
Israeli drag artists. One of the collages is the photo up.

You probably wonder why do I upload here a work
of another artist while I made it show my own.
The answer is very easy. Those who follow this blog
at the last months knows that recently I have started to take
photos of drag at the line of DUYA - Drag Up Your Ass.
You can notice that this image includes a photo that I took
of Michael Angelo at a show of DUYA - Drag Up Your Ass.

I've been asked before if I accept that will be a use at
this photo for the project. Hell yeah! As far as I know Dave
and I know Shirley Charlie Kleinman who's behind
DUYA - Drag Up Your Ass and perform as the drag king
Michael Angelo - no problem. I even proud that a photo
that I took has been chosen to this project.
I was waiting to see how it be at the end, so here it it.

Up is the full image
down is getting closer to details

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