Monday, May 8, 2017


My friend Shirley Charlie Kleinman took a part at an
evening of short lectures given by people who usually 
don't give lectures. I came because of Shirley, but there were
few more interesting lectures at this evening. I'm thankful again
for this friendship cause this way I knew about this evening.

Shirley was talking about gender. Shirley isn't a
regular person about it - Shirley was talking about gender queers.
And about Drag - the thing Shirley loves and do. 
And about the connection about both things.

This evening took a part at Tel Aviv for the 4th time.
A production of an organization called ZEZE.
I was given a permission to take some photos of Shirley
on stage at this evening - from Shirley and from ZEZE.
I've been given a permission. I already showed here the best
of it. And at Facebook. One of the photos is the photo up.

So, if I already published it - why do I have to do it again?
Shirley was choosing to upload this photo again at Facebook
to thank the people who made this evening happen, how did it
make her feel doing it and thank the people who came.
By the way she thanked me for this photo

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