Friday, July 27, 2018


I love this photo! A photo by Yaron Segal

There are some reasons why did I choose to show this photo
although I didn't take it.
I got a reminder to this photo and
this is one of my favorite pictures that someone
else took of mine at my adult life. It means a lot about
life and art.

I used to be jewelry with many hobbies. Photography always was there, I was sure
it's only a hobby. I thought from time to time
to make something out with it, but was too afraid.
I always loved dancing - watching and dance by myself. I had a time at my life that I had a hole in my life and
felt that I need to fill it with learning something. I found out that I can learn to dance flamenco. I started to "old" for making it as a profession, but it
did fill my life in so many ways.

The flamenco made me more sure of myself. I got the bravery to show out my photography.
I got into art exhibitions with photos that I
took with a simple camera. When I finally
got my first professional camera - I found out
about some photography workshops that gives
the experience of taking dancing photography. Now I do mostly stage arts photography. I took photos of modern dance at the workshops, I took many times flamenco photos
(some has been used for marketing shows and workshops, I'm proud of it),
I recently got the second chance to take photos of Tribal Fusion.
I just want to go on dancing
and take photos of others dance

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