Friday, December 30, 2016

A little bit of 2016

Accept joining Raash Magazine at the killer year of music.... this is a bit of 2016 for me at photos:

Poncho and Pai - one dog who passed away,
one dog that I adopted for having one at home
and get over the trauma.

A dog from the dogs' shelter that I volunteer at.
I really love her but not sure that I can handle taking care
for two dogs at the time. She's still wait for a good home

צער בעלי חיים רמת גן והסביבה#

Mijal Natan at Sarona, Tel Aviv
Three photos that I took and got into the Facebook page of Sarona.
I did get my photography credit

Couple of photos that I took of Yarona Caspi at a show.
One got to a local paper, the other one to a flyer that told
on another show of hers. Even at the other show I took some photos.
At the paper and the flyer I got my photography credits.

Efrat Kolberg
The first musician that I took photos of at a show
for the magazine.
Those couple are from the second time that I took photos at
a show of hers for the magazine

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete
I took those photos for the magazine.
First group from abroad (Mexico) that I take photos of

Kutiman Orchestra with few guest stars.
The special guest star of the evening: Princess Shaw

The amazing Lily Fay.
Hard to believe that an Israeli can sing jazz at her level

Maureen Nehedar as a guest star at a show of Noam David Trio

Fatum Aeternum

Tal Ramon

Flamenco at Jaffa

At a show of Dana Berger, Einav Jackson Cohen and Flora

Lola Marsh

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