Thursday, December 15, 2016

Before I die

I'm sorry, it's long this time with many words.

It isn't a new thing that many artists worth money after they die. I hope to earn my money before I die. Recently I was listening through the internet to a lecture of another photographer. The official subject was "how to have a steady photography studio". The real subject - she was marketing herself. I rather not telling who's this photographer. She's marketing herself enough. So, few points were catching my ears in particular. She said that you must show yourself. You must have a business page at Facebook (I have one, look Orna Timen Official Page), a blog (as you can see - I have one) and Instagram (look for ornatimen). What did I miss? As publishing herself - she told that at the start of year she renovated her studio, she have two photographers that she send to take photos at many places, she reminded few more people who work for her, she works now twice a week at the studio itself and her studio earned money this year before it ended. She don't want to make a show off, but few times she said it included 7 numbers - the money that her studio earned this year. And me? I don't even have enough money to rent a real studio. 

So, about me, my history and hopes for the future:

I hardly remember myself without a camera since I was a kid. My sister Gali Timen who's older than me at 9 years is an artist in many types of art. She started as a photographer. At her photography studies I was her model when she needed one. I'm one of those weirdos who loves both sides of the camera. While she was learning - she was showing me from time to time few things that incldes technique of films cameras. At age 12 I already knew the difference between an ordinary camera that was at every house and a professional camera. I never learned officially photography. It was a lot of trying, tips, watching my sister's work and after I decided to make it more than a hobby - I went for few meetings of guiding photography (will be a continue about that part). 

At the year 2008 I was after deciding to make it more than a hobby - I took a part at my first exhibition. So far I took a part only at group exhibitions. At the start - for not being alone, understanding the way it works and to know people and for others will know me. After that - I couldn't afford to take a solo exhibition. Even taking a part at a group exhibition is lots of money from each artist. After a while I noticed that I can't take a part at all group exhibitions that I wanted because of money (including an exhibition of few days and each artist had to pay 1000 NIS for having one or two works at this exhibition).  First connection to the world of exhibitions I received from Gali. At all exhibitions I took a part so far (and I hope to return to this place) - I took photos with a regular digital camera. It didn't disturb me from taking a part at more than 10 exhibitions since until 2015.

Since the third time that was Fresh Paint Fair - I designed post card of -one-of-the-kind. Accept the first time - all sold. The money went for art scholarships. Every year since the same year I try to take a bigger part and have my own exhibition there. Every year I have a denial. Some people told me it doesn't matter if the art works are good, it matter if you have the right connections for taking a part. This year Maayan Tal accepted to be my model for having some new works to show with a concept. I received another denial, but I didn't get the option to send two more post cards. 

At 2015 I received a loan of money to have my first professional camera. Still basic for professional, but amazing and gives me some more photography options. It was a bit after I started to take a brake from exhibitions (did I mention that I miss it?). As far as I wanted to prove that I worth this camera and the fact it gave me more options - I started with some other paths that I find interesting at photography. So, for the next part of my photography path. 

As one of the things that I proud of and I did as a volunteer - I volunteer for a long time at a dogs' shelter. I usually take dogs for walks there, but more than once I took photos of dogs from the shelter to convince people to adopt dogs from there (I adopted one myself after my old one passed away from a terrible illness). 

Next thing was going for few photography meeting that were including modern dance performances for few photographers. That was for a practice and to prove myself that I can take dance photography. Now from time to time I do it alone with flamenco - practice some dancing photography for my pleasure, experience and prove others that I can do it. 

January 2016 I joined the crew of Raash Magazine - an Israeli music magazine that goes only at the web. I take photos at music shows. So far - not flamenco, but other types I did - mostly rock concerts. From time to time I take photos at shows without a connection to the magazine, but mostly for the magazine. About the magazine.... I can say many good things about it. I have the option to choose the shows that I take photos at, most of times I receive what I wish for, free entrance for each show, I get lots of experience at this kind of photography, I get one more place to show my photography with the right credits, I found already some connection with interesting people... The biggest problem isn't a secret anymore. It isn't a job with money. Recently the manager of the magazine has published that he's looking for some new photographers and reporters for the magazine and it will be without money, no matter that a little before he promised that soon he will start to pay for the people who already work for the magazine. 

So, the future: I hope to earn some money for the photography work. I know that people loves the photos that I take of them. I know that at the dogs' shelter that I volunteer at loved the photos that I took of the dogs. 

I have more than one option to give you. I know that it's much easier and fun to get something for free than to pay on it, but there is nothing wrong to live from photography and so far I made too much work for free.

For dogs owners at Tel Aviv and around (if there is a bus) or in case that I travel to your state - I can take photos of your dogs or photos of yours with your dogs.

People who just want professional photos of them. It can be a little before a big even at your life and can use for an invitation.

Stage artists: I can take photos at rehearsals, recording, shows/plays (still NOT at stadiums because of my too basic camera and lens), outdoors photos.... It can be for this blog (many entrances every single day and you will get your credit), it can be for CD covers, posters, Facebook or anything that can help you. For now - at Tel Aviv and area, or in case you can and want to pay on my flying ticket. No matter where are you in the world and where do you perform - I accept to start publish here posters for rock/jazz concerts, theater plays, dancing shows and movies from around the world and around the world. Just for a little bit of money. Again - many entrances every day. For that I have no problem to publish some more.

I have also a thing with taking food photos. I can take food photos at bakeries, coffee shops and vegetarian/vegan restaurants. 

I have a past as a jewelry and I started to show at exhibitions while working with jewels. I can take photos for jewel and fashion designers (for publicity or for having unique photos on your jewels or clothes). 

I would love to take photos for magazines who accept to pay for this work.

Art collectors - I still didn't leave this idea. If photography is a part of your collection - I would love to sell to you. People who are about to open new hotels or vegetarian/vegan restaurants and want unique photos on the walls - I will see it as a great option to give it to you.

For a contact with me:

And few things that I did until now:

Some photos that I took for the dogs' shelter

My own beauties

Maayan Tal

Angela Dance Company

Idan Cohen Dance Company

Miguel Angel

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

An article about Yarona Caspi with a photo that I took

Post cards that I designed for Fresh Paint fair 2016 and sold

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