Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017

My deep apologize it's long with words and short with photos again.

2016 was the most schizoid year at my life as far as I remember. Many highlights next to low moments. Happiness next to tragedies. Few things gave me some options already at 2015 and  I started using it at 2016, but few other things has stopped for now.

So, exhibitions:

My last one so far was at 2015. Until now - all the exhibitions that I took a part at included photos that I took with a regular camera. I finally got my pro camera at 2015. It opened me some new options that I found as interesting. I don't see it as "instead", I hope one day it will be one next to another. At 2016 I took a break against my will from exhibitions. For the artists it takes lots of money. I don't have enough and I didn't have to the chance to save some aside. I miss taking a part at exhibitions and I wish that 2017 will give me the chance to go back to exhibitions and maybe have my first solo exhibition. So, all 2016 I didn't really try. My only try was getting into Fresh Paint Fair. I received "no" for an answer from them. Again. This time I needed to remind them that at least taking a part at the Secret Post Card project....

And the new paths? With the camera that I have now I can do some things I didn't do before and now I do a lot. At 2015 I made few first trials of dancing photography. I love dancing and learn to dance flamenco for my pleasure. I took few closed shows of modern dancing to photographers at the end of 2015 and the start of 2016. It was for my pleasure, learning, to practice and to prove myself that I can do it. At the end of 2015 I took photos at a rehearsal to a show of my amazing flamenco teacher - Mijal Natan with her company and the Spanish incredible dancer Miguel Angel. At 2016 I kept on taking photos of flamenco dancing. Go on to practice for my own pleasure and to prove others that I can.

I found out about the pretty new internet music magazine - Raash Magazine. I made a try to get into this magazine. I sent a link of this blog. I received an answer that it's possible to see that I can, but dancing photography isn't like music show photography. They always look for new photographer, but for music shows. I didn't give up. Itamar Rothschild is a Facebook friend. I found out on a show he gave. I asked for a approval to take some photos at his show. He accepted. December 2015 I took some photos at his show. I sent him and to the manager of the magazine. Itamar Rothschild wrote me that he liked it and thanked me. The manager of the magazine told me what's wrong with the photos (something like everything). January 2016 I got into to the mail list of the magazine crew, the manager asked for friendship at Facebook and let me into the Facebook  group of the magazine's crew. Only at 2016 I took photos of over than 30 music shows over Tel Aviv, mostly for the magazine. Still didn't stop to take dancing photos. And now... It feels like being a musicians' killer. So many music shows that I took photos at, I started having it very intensive this year. And this year so many musicians has died. I took photos at a show of The Paz Band at the same evening that Prince has passed away.....

And a little more about it: I still don't earn much of it. At the magazine it mostly for free entrance to shows, practice and anther platform to show my photography with my credits. With personal works - still mostly with free entrance. I tell that Yarona Caspi gave me "a little" more than that. Although it started with a free entrance - she goes on with giving me a lot of free publishing. Few days after I took photos at a show of hers - a photo I took has been published at local paper with the right photography credit. After that - another photo I took at this show became the poster photo of another date's show. It was including a big photography credit on the poster. Now another show of hers - once again with photos that I took and photography credits. And she was putting some photos at her Facebook fan page with the photography credits. 

A thing that happened a little different.... A friend asked me to come and take some photos of hers at a show. Only for a free entrance a ride back home. After that she used one of the photos for a poster for another date at the same place. No photography credit at all. As a friend I didn't have a fight. Recently I could take photos at another show of hers at a decent place. This time it was for the magazine. She made everything to make me feel that I owe her this and I should feel bad for not having her one my mind 24/7. A day after her show my nephews were born and from being at the hospital with my sister - I needed to take care for this "friend" who took a flight to Spain. After she got back I found out that we are not friends. By the side of her and her husband - we never were friends and she was very nice to me.... I almost kicked up from the magazine. I needed to do a lot to stay at the magazine. 

Another musician I had the chance to know through the magazine. I took photos at a show of him at the same place. We became Facebook friends. I wrote a review on his first solo CD. A good review. Then he asked me to come again. This time it wasn't good for the magazine cause recently I took photos of his show to the magazine. So it was a personal job. I was talking with him at the phone couple of days before show. He called me too many times "honey" between all the rest. He almost yelled at me, I have no idea why. And he didn't like the review and not enough the photos from the first show, but he invites me to take photos another time. He got it mostly for promises which I found out that didn't worth much. At the day after I was working almost all day on sorting the photos  and sending him the good photos. He still had the time to rush me and tell me how much he disappointed. Oh really? After that I found out that one photo that he accepted me to publish - I tagged him, the tag at Facebook is still there but doesn't show at his profile. He rather have some photos that has been taken by others with mobile phones.... After that he uploaded to his page few photos. Some were again the mobile phone photos and the other are photos that I took. He had some weird storied why did he upload the photos without giving me the photography credit. Only after one comment of mine he wrote the photography credits. Yeah, thanks.... At least I never thought we're friends at real life.

Life and death - at personal thing: 

I started to be an active volunteer at Greenpeace Israel. It still isn't enough, but I hope it helps life on earth. I still volunteer a lot at the dogs' shelter. My own personal death was my beloved dog Poncho. He wasn't young, but I raised him since he was a puppy. Almost 12 years. He passed away very sudden. He was healthy although his age. One day he started to limp. Few days of medical tests while his health is running down fast. All the time I've been told that soon we'll find out what does he have and then he will be fine. He wasn't. After few days a doctor found out what did my old Poncho had. At this point there was nothing to do accept to release him from his misery. I cried a lot. A friend told me that the good thing at the fact it was so sudden is that Poncho didn't have much time to suffer. I needed a month to grieve. At the dogs' shelter they made all to support me at this time. I took Pai for the first walk after Poncho's death. Even he made a try to comfort me. After a month of grieve, crying, looking for Poncho at my house although I knew he isn't there any longer - I adopted Pai. Or maybe he adopted me. I still love and miss Poncho, but Pai helps me. At least I have another cute dog. He needed home and I needed a comfort from my grieve. We still give each other those things.

And one of my sisters took a birth of two twin boys. I still can't show it here. One more thing that helps against the death.

I wish that 2017 will be happier. I hope that personally - all with my dear Pai will be fine. I hope that my niece will stay sweet and smart as she is. I hope that my nephews will grow up healthy and happy. 

About photography: I hope to go back taking a part at exhibitions. First solo exhibition is still waiting for it time. I guess that my last trial to Fresh Paint will be this year. I have another chance, but I guess I will miss it again no matter if I'll try or not. I hope to go on with photography of music and dance without a connection to exhibition. I hope that I will start to earn some money from my photography. At 2016 this blog has grew bigger and I wish to go on with it

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