Saturday, December 24, 2016

Alon Pasternak at the OzenBar, Tel Aviv

Recently Alon Pasternak was performing at the OzenBar, Tel Aviv.
On stage were invited Dan Toren, Boaz Banai and Maor Nawi.
I was invited to the show. Without a connection to the magazine - it
has been told that I will take photos at the show. When I made it with 
the magazine - he saved some photos and thanked me with credits for the photos.
This time he told me that too few people bought tickets this time
and he's loosing money because of making this show. We were talking it
will be for a free entrance (which suppose to be obvious) and photography
credits. If in the last moment more people will buy tickets - he will pay me. 
If a certain song of him will get to one of the biggest radio stations here - he could
pay me more. so.....

The OzenBar was full or close to it. After the show he hardly talked with me.
I sent him a message about sending some photos. At the morning he wrote that he want
to see the photos before anything published. All day I was working on of sending him
some photos. It took all day cause I took many photos and sending all made my computer very slow.
One photo I asked for a permission to publish already. He didn't really like it but accepted.
I published here and at my Facebook page. I wrote who is he and tagged him.
The tag is still there, but the photo isn't at his profile. He prefer to have there
some photos that others took at their mobile phone. And he had some time
to complain on my photography. Fine, next time he can take a photographer
who will take lots of money on this job. And he told me how to do it
(I meant to talk with the lightman, first time that I hear anything like this).

Today he uploaded to his fan page some photos from the show - a weird
mix of the photos that I took and some photos that others took with their mobile phones.
The photos up were all the photos that he was choosing from the many
photos that he received from me.
Photography credits? Don't make me laugh! 

As a comment to one of the photos that I took I wrote the question
if isn't it a photo that I took. The comment was deleted in a moment. 
A phone call. No, I don't want to answer him cause I know that I won't
be able to be professional and will start to shout on the client.

The photography credits came after my comment has removed, I 
didn't accept to talk with him on the phone but did accept to remove
my "like" from his page.

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