Saturday, July 1, 2017

And now it's officially me

I took few dance photography workshops.
I went on doing dance photography for a
practice, fun and promoting my friends from flamenco.

Not much after I got into the crew of Raash Magazine.
That's an Israeli music magazine that happen only
on the web. A month after I got into the crew - the
magazine was celebrating a year.

I had a year and a half at the magazine.
I took photos at many music concerts, mostly
for the magazine, but few times without a connection.
Some musicians changes profile pictures at Facebook
to photos that I took of them. Once a photo that I took
got into a printed paper. Few photos that I took went on to
posters of promoting shows at Israel. I didn't stop
taking photos of rehearsals and shows of dancing flamenco.
A photo that I took were a part of two different posters of
two different shows at Spain. It was a very intensive a year and
a half  of my life which I got a lot of experience.
At least half of this time, maybe even more - I took
photos at 3-4 shows at one month. Once or twice even more.
Once I even went to a press party and took some photos.

That's it.
I finished my time at Raash Magazine.
I went to the last show by the name of the magazine.
Two things that I love were at my last show to the magazine:
a flamenco show. It was based mostly on the music, so the magazine
manager accepted to take it, but it was including the dancer
Yael Tuchfeld, so two parts included a dance as well.

So now it's me, only me. No magazine behind me.
You can contact me and I'll take your photos for here as well.

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