Sunday, July 9, 2017

Because of

Because of someone asked me recently
why does it important to give this option to promote
through my blog.

So, every photographer needs a blog and
 my blog is international.
For a long time you can see how many people got into this blog.
So far my blog didn't include many words,
mostly to tell a thing or two about my photos
or to tell about future dreams about my photography
career. So, few things are about to change.

I was leaving Raash Magazine recently.
I mostly took photos for the magazine, but few times
I wrote about shows, a CD review and once
I went to a press party and took the photos
and wrote about it to the magazine.

Now.... In case I will take photos of you or
for you in case it's stage artists - I would be happy
to publish as always the good photos. In case
you will take some photos that I took of you or for you
as posters for shows/plays/movies at the same price.
Musicians who will take photos that I took for a CD cover - 
I would be glad to publish the CD at the same price.
Why do accept the same price? Cause I see it as a complement.
Now I accept to write a review
as well about your shows as well in case I will
take some photos at your shows, but this will
take a little bit more money. Looks like
my first photography + review will be this August, unless
something will go wrong (and I hope it will go well).
The extra price is because it will cause me to make a work of two people.

People who own some food vegetarian/vegan business - I will
be glad to take some photos for you and publish here. Again - publishing
with connecting is in the same price. Now  I also accept to write
also a review about that as well. That's again - a little bit more money.

Bloggers become with time the people who cause changes
and those who leads the crowd. If you want me to help people
come to you - you are invited to contact me.

Orna Timen

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