Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The necklace

I know that those photos are not perfect.
It was mostly to check out my new board if it fits
for jewelry photography. Maybe it won't be for ALL that I
have, but... I guess that many will go on this way.

I used to be a jewelry at my past. I made some jewels from
metals and worked at jewels' factories. Still I made many from 
beads. Some for my own, some for sale. The jewels for sale - there
were few home sells at my parents' house with jewels that my mother
made at the same idea. It was only with people they knew and for few times.
There was no much trials to sell some more, so most are still waiting.
Soon I will upload some jewels for sale - here and at my Facebook page
Orna Timen Official Page.

This certain necklace - it meant to be for sale, but I keep it for myself 

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