Thursday, July 13, 2017

Don't forget

I still do all of it.
Now without a connection to Raash Magazine.
Stage arts, people, dogs and vegetarian/vegan food
under my camera always looks better.

Stage artists and owners of food business:
commercials at this blog is a part of deal.
I will take photos of your or for you and would
be glad to publish here your arts - never mind if
it's music, dance, theater, movies or drag.
Vegetarian and vegan places to eat at and will want
my photography will receive also a publicity here.
Dog owners and other private people - it's all about you
and publicity here will come only if you want it.

One day I will be only for those who have enough money
to have me

For now - mostly at Tel Aviv and Jaffa, unless
you have a way to have me also in other places as well.
You can contact me:

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