Sunday, December 4, 2016


This is Maayan Tal. She learned voice development since she
was a kid. After she grew up she studied theater at one of the best schools
for it at Israel. Since then - she started to write plays for theater,
became a voice development' teacher and a therapist at voice.
Long time ago I have started to take some voice development classes from her.
I started to see as a friend a psychologist no less than a teacher.

Recently I found out that it's possible to try to get into the next
Fresh Paint Fair. As far as I do the best photography to people, dogs and food -
I asked her to be my model for a little while for I could show something new,
good and with a concept. Artists who want to take a part at this fair
must go through a acceptance committee. Photographers and painters must show
10 works, no less no more for the committee. In case those artist get the 
acceptance - they can bring some more works to the fair, but to start with 10.

So, Maayan accepted to be my model. we made a full photography
session at Tel Aviv, something like and hour with many photos - much more than the needed.
I was choosing those 10 to show to the acceptance committee
 of Fresh Paint Fair.

Once again I received "no" from them.
I have one more year to try by their rules. 
The good things that went out of it is the fact I was trying
and the fact Maayan and me got many good photos to show.

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