Sunday, August 6, 2017

Maybe I should have start with this "tip"

Photography equipment

So, for those who want to be professional photographers and didn’t start yet, or maybe start to learn how to be - this is for you. Few things you should know about professional equipment. Maybe it will look weird for those who already into it.

The best thing about a professional camera is the quality of photography. You must know how to use it correct, but the base is in the quality. One of the things that makes the difference between a regular camera (and mostly from a phone’s camera) is the fact that the base camera comes with the possibility to change the lens. All cost a lot of money. Something like 90% or more from professional photographers prefer cameras of Nikon or Canon. I’m a Nikon type. For beginners I recommend on Nikon D3300, my first pro camera.
Now, lens.... It doesn’t come without. There are few types while the main are:
  • Kit: the most basic kind of lens. It’s good for most, but not for all.
  • Wide: you can use it for taking photos with many elements inside. It’s good for landscapes, but makes some distortions at the edges. If it disturbs you - you can take of the edges with the computer.
  • Tele: it for making distance images looks close. In case you’re about to take some photos at show that happens at a part or a stadium - this is the perfect choice.

Few more things can help. There is a sun shield for the camera lens. It’s good for the quality of photography all the time, mostly when you take photos outdoors and there is hard sun. There are also filters that you can put on the lens. There is UV filters that makes better photos through glass and water. Recently I have one like this all the time on my lens. Even if it doesn’t go through glass and water - it does make an interesting effect to the colors of the photos. You can put the sun shield on it without a problem. There also filters that you can put on the lens and it will color the photos at one color or make it softer without computer effects. It was this way before Photoshop and it still possible to get and us it. Those filters doesn’t go with the sun shields. About colors and Photoshop - at every camera this is the possibility to take photos with the original colors that goes on at reality, there is also an option to take black and white photos. There is also an option to take colored photos and change it to black and white through Photoshop. But pay attention: in case you take photos at black and white originally it will look different than you will change it through Photoshop. For my opinion - in case you want black and white photos - it’s better to do it with the camera than change it with the Photoshop. I think that through the camera it gives a better quality and look which more gentle.
Those are samples for sun shields for the lens:

One more thing: in case you are about to take some macro photos (bugs, flowers and so) you will also need a special “ring” to the lens to make it more “longer” movement to the lens.
There are also lamps, umbrellas and other things to use for lights. YOU DON’T HAVE TO USE IT, unless you are in a close studio without natural lights. If you need it although a natural light - it’s only because of a hard sun. Never use flash lights at shows!

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