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Lights at photography

Lights at photography

Lights are the most basic thing at photography after having the equipment. Lights are like material that you must know how to use. Professional photographers prefer natural lights. It mean sun. In case you can use the sun’s light - that’s the best, but even the sun isn’t the perfect idea.

In case you’re taking photos outdoors it can help. If you in place with a hot weather and a strong sun like here in Israel - the hour of photography takes a great issue. There are hours that the sun helps and hours that the sun is too much for photography. Here I know that every time that I’m about to take photos outdoors - it will be better if it will be at morning (as early as possible), taking photos when it’s almost evening (17:00-18:00) or after the rain. At many places at Europe the hour isn’t so matter, just when it’s sunny because the sun isn’t too strong. If you need to take photos outdoors in a place like Israel at noon or at the desert (any desert in the world) - you better use the shutter close as possible for won’t get too much light into the camera. If you can use an assistant (like a noon outdoors fashion session) - you can use also a non natural light. The assistant can hold reflectors for making the lights softer.

Studio photographers - in case it’s possible for you - you should have a studio with big windows or with windows that the sun comes in without a problem. If the studio isn’t yours but someone gives you for your work - reflectors, umbrellas and such are needed. With that - I still can’t give you tips. I still don’t have enough experience. But non natural lights that I can tell you how to use are the lights at shows. First of all - high ISO, high speed of shutter, you must handle the the lights on stage. The lights on stage already will pull the lens to the right place. If you take photos at shows - NO FLASH LIGHTS!!! The light on stage suppose to be enough. Flash lights at a show is a thing that disturbs both people on stage and the audience without a good reason. In case there are also some more photographers (it happens - sometimes there could be few because of the production invited and came also from press and bloggers) - it can also disturb the other photographers as well. Your flash light can get into the frames of other photographers, which is rude. I’ve been taken photos at many shows. At some I was the only photographer, at some there were also others. Most of times that I wasn’t the only one I understood that there is an unwritten rule - don’t disturb the other photographers even if you see them as a competition. There was a time that anther photographer did disturb me and gave me to take photos of his back instead of whatever happened on stage. I almost killed him (beware). It’s very rare that other photographers use flash lights while a show on stage. It’s clear that those photographers have no experience at shows’ photography - even if they are very good at other types of photography. It’s possible that they didn’t go to many shows with or without photography. Most of times - the other photographer I’ve seen at shows didn’t use flash lights. At the few times that were who used it - it freaked me out as well, made my work harder not less than people who gives me to take photos of their back, I made few photos (amazing it stopped so far in “few”) that I was taking with the flash lights of others. The lights at my photos became weird and without the attention of the people on stage.
And one more thing - it’s not “by the book”, but if you want a photo which is an artistic one but not correct by technique - you can use too much light. The photo will be “burn”, but in certain things it could give an interesting thing as art

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