Saturday, August 12, 2017

About music and depression

Although it isn't my article... Once again I share something that I think that is worth to share and still have a connection to my work. This is an article about musicians who have or had depression. An article from an Israeli web site which is mostly news, but also has many articles about culture. You can make Google Translate from Hebrew.

The connection that I see here to me - I love music. One of the things that I do the most now is photography of musicians on stage. I enjoy it. Now, has been made a research about the connection between music and depression. It isn't sure yet what cause what, if depression is the cause for talented musicians or that some people who suffer depression found their cure at music. It is sure that sensitive people has higher risk to have depression and a higher option to make some art - including music. They say that any art, but at this article it's about the connection between music and depression.

It's very interesting. And some say that their depression become because of they feel that people don't appreciate their work. OK, I'm NOT a musician, but I'm an artist who work with musicians. And yes. From time to time I feel as well that people don't appreciate my work although I do my work on the best side that I can and don't I understand it is work for anything. I still didn't find the doctor who will tell me if my feeling is correct, but maybe I also have a depression...,7340,L-5001375,00.html

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