Saturday, August 5, 2017

An old article

While trying to make some order at the mess that I have at my apartment - I was looking at an old Time Out Tel Aviv from February 2017. I found out there an article about the musician Mitski. It was for an upcoming show of hers at the Barby, Tel Aviv. Her show happened not much after that article. I took some photos at this show for Raash Magazine when I was still there. I have a long history of shows' photography in a short time, this is one of the shows that I'm proud the most so far that I was there to take some photos. After reading seriously this article at Time Out - I'm proud even more that I was there. I was looking for the article at the internet. I'm glad that I did find it.

This is the link to the article at Time Out Tel Aviv when the show of Mitski was about to happen, you can do Google Translate from Hebrew if you can't read it:

And this is the article of Raash Magazine that has been published after the show happened - including few photos that I took (again - Google Translate from Hebrew in case you can't read it):

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