Saturday, August 5, 2017

First "tip" that I give here to other photographers

People’s photography

I can’t be all over the world and I’m aware that I’m not the only photographer in the world. Some photographers that I see their work and reminds me that not every person who use a camera is a photographer, some others are doing some great works that makes me jealous that I wasn’t there instead of them. But... Every photographer, at least the good ones have their own view on things. Because of it - this is art. At some of the dance photography workshops that I went to - the choreographer said that they are about to show some works of them that has been through many photographers, some works are about to be shown for they could see their works from the outside. They are always amazed that if will be 10 photographers on the same dance work - will be 10 different vies on the same work. 

One of the things that I do the best and love the best while taking photos - is taking photos of people. Most of time I rather do it when it’s about taking photos while they are on rehearsals or on stage because it’s about sharing arts. I’m with my camera and they are with their music, dance or acting. I had the chance to take photos of others outdoors without a a real connection to others’ art. I had the chance to do both - once I took some photos of the dancer Ilan Miller (and accept he’s a real talented - he’s one of my best friends) outdoors while acting a dance. Three photos that I took of him this way has been taking a part at an exhibition. When I got back to a steady photography learning - I took some photos of the dancer Ella Greenbaum. It was for a drill of movement photography. That was fun. And I was under the lens of cameras over than once. As a model for my sister when she was a photography student, many times just for my own fun, once I took photos of myself as a final project of a photography course.

Other photographers who want to take photos of people, no matter if it’s stage arts or anything else... From my experience - the biggest “tip” that I can give you has no connection to technique. The most important thing at people’s photography is fun. Photographers in their start need it for being able to take photos, after that it will come naturally. People who are under your lens and you are about to take their photos need enjoy the moment as well. If they won’t enjoy it - it doesn’t matter how much you are good as a photographer - the photos won’t e good enough. 

So, photographers around the world who are taking photos of people - enjoy the moment and let your “objects” enjoy the moment.

At the photo up: one of the photos that I took of myself and were chosen to be one of the final project of photography course

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