Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Non official

Got back.
I took photos again at
DUYA - Drag Up Your Ass
after a brake that the line has took.
Still there are not official photos from this time 
or the last time, but.... I sent private for few of
the drag queens and one drag king, photos that
I took of them out stage a moment before it started.

At this photo - the make up artist Dana Bracha
who makes the make up for all drags. At the last times
she performed as well as a drag king, but not the "ordinary"
of a woman that perform as a man. A woman as a woman.
Amazing person and a great artist. At make up - she gives
a real meaning to the word "artist", as a performer.... When
she's on stage - it's hard to stop looking at her with amazement.
For me - she also easy for photography.

Here is one photo that I took of hers a little bit before the party
and show has started. She amazed from it and was putting it at her
Instagram. Yeah, there is a photography credit.

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