Friday, December 2, 2016

Taking dancing photos

As a photographer I have taken a part at many exhibition before. I took photos as volunteering for a dogs' shelter for people will adopt more. I took photos at dancing shows and rehearsal. I took photos at many music shows at Tel Aviv and Jaffa. 

Dancers - in case you want me to take photos of yours shows at Tel Aviv, Jaffa or anywhere else with a good idea how would I come to other places. In case you want me to take some photos of yours for the blog, publicity with posters or flyers, publicity at Facebook or anything else....

I accept to publish flyers for dancing shows and workshops over the world for a little money.

You can write me for e-mail

Dancing photos that I took at least once before: Miguel Angel, Ilan Miller, Compas Company, Angela Dance Company, Steps Company, Yael Yamin, Idan Cohen Dance Company, Adaia Berkowitz at a work of Adi Paz, Maayan Horesh and Daphna Noy.

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