Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A reminder for my food photography

Flyer design by Shiran Siboni.
Photos by me.

I can and want to take photos for
restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, 
chefs and chocolatier who works from home.
I can do it for magazines or at private.
Never mind if it's private or for a magazine - I can
and will be glad to publish it here as well with all
needed credits.
And as far as I'm a vegetarian with guilty
feelings that I didn't become a vegan (yet) -
the options are for vegetarian/vegan food. 
Even the burger at those photos is vegan.

The best options are:

-  Photography at Tel Aviv and Jaffa
- Photography at other parts of Israel for some more money
- Photography abroad will be with a flying ticket and at least
some of the money on a hotel room.

An option to pay at cash or through PayPal

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