Sunday, June 25, 2017

If money was not a problem

I didn't take those photos.
In case you follow this blog for a long time
or were checking out some of my early posts or wish lists -
you know that I started my photography as
more than a hobby when as a photographer who
took a part at exhibitions.

I want to come back to it. And I am waiting
for the moment to do my first solo exhibition.
So far it were only group exhibitions.

Now accept the connections that I re-build,
the biggest problem for a solo exhibition is the money.
For artists it cost a lot of money to produce
the art and when it outside blogs, Facebook an such - it
takes a lot of money to show it to the world.

I started to think of a project that will cost a lot
of money but I wish to do. If not as an exhibition - at
least for here. Even that would take a lot of money.

The idea of my artistic vision which will take a lot of money:
As far as I know now how to make a self portrait with my pro
camera - I wish to have a studio (even to rent for few days),
buy some fabrics and take it to a tailor for making dresses with
the idea of the dresses up, all from the 19th century, England and
the United States. Having a make up artist for the studio days
for making it special and make some self portraits
with those dresses and a special make up.

Any sponsor?

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