Monday, June 5, 2017


Another photography class outdoors.
Amazing but tough.
Early morning. I wanna be at Denmark cause
friends of mine from the flamenco will
perform there tonight.
Still it was an interesting experience
with two great teachers.
One is the ordinary teacher,
the other one is a guest teacher who takes
photos of bugs. My first time that I try to do it.
The guest teacher gave for the class time
some of his  equipment for the students
will have the best shots for it.

I still didn't go over all photos.
This is the first photo that I want to show.
Felt like I'm gonna die for it.
Some ants has started to walk over me,
some on the camera that I try to keep clean.
But I'm amazed that I took this photo, mostly
when it's the first time that I use some techniques
that I didn't use before for taking photos that I never
tried to take before

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