Monday, June 19, 2017

One from class

At class.
Almost finish one course.
One more class of photography outdoors before
the final class at the school.

All of us needed to make some kind of project.
All of us needed to look for something that gives us a memory
and take some photos of it. After that - making a full photography
project over an hour. To make this memory at many photos.

I took as a project to take some photography of deserted houses
(and there were many of it at this place).
My memory was a deserted house that I've seen with
one of my sisters before. Every time we've seen it - I 
wanted to get in and see it. She got stressed.
The project has a connection as deserted houses,
watching a lot on doors and windows - a little
bit as a part of curiosity, a little bit of a game of lights
and darkness. Yes, I took the photos at black and white with
a reason. Accept the fact I love black and white photos -
it helped me to make the photos more dramatic and disturbing

This is one of many.
I will show some more at another post

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