Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Stage artists - this is for you

For those who still don't know me - my name is Orna Timen.
I'm a photographer from Tel Aviv, Israel.

I used to me a self learning photographer.
I took a part at many group exhibitions at galleries
 over Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Shoham (it's near Jerusalem).
I was taking a part with some talented artists who finished
some great art schools. I still had a homey camera.

When I got my first pro camera I took some dancing
photography workshops. I already had this blog.
I still take photos of dancing. I got into an Israeli
music magazine who goes on at the web and called Raash.
A year and a half there. At this time - more than
50 music shows that I took photography at, most of time
for the magazine. And still go on with the dancing photography.
A photo that I took at a show went on to a local paper, three
other for marketing Sarona TLV. More than
once my photos took a part as posters for some other
shows of musicians at Israel. A dancer used a photo that
I took of hers for posters of two shows of hers at Spain.
At the end of 2016 I started to take photos of drag at the
parties/shows called DUYA - Drag Up Your Ass.

Recently I took a photography course to be a better
photographer, soon will start another one. Leaving the
magazine because it isn't fit anymore.

In case you are at Tel Aviv and have a show - I would
be glad to take your photos at the show. I can take your photos
also at Tel Aviv without a connection to the show.
In case you'll use one of the photos for a CD cover - I would
love to publish here the CD at the same price. In case
you'll use one of the photos for posters of shows, no matter where
the shows will be - I would be glad to publish here at the same price,
just let me know. 

As far as you will be my clients - I won't mind to ask you 
if you wish to see the photos before publishing. You will get the
all good photos anyway.
In case you do it abroad and still want me - it's possible
for a flight ticket and a payment for the hotel room.

It fits to musicians, dancers, actors, drag queens and kings.
It can be outdoors photos, rehearsals and shows. I hope that
till you'll be here I will have enough money to rent a studio, unless
it will be before and you would need it this way - I will look for something.

You can pay in ash or through PayPal

My e-mail is ornati.timen22@gmail.com

Flyer design by Shiran Siboni

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