Friday, March 24, 2017

The scream

This is a photo that I took at a show of Judy Antebi
at Liba House, Tel Aviv.
I took this photo for Raash Magazine.
Accept the musicians who took a part at recording and performing
all the show - Judy had some guest starts. One of
the guest stars was Efrat Kolberg.
At this photo - both of them, Judy Antebi and Efrat Kolberg.

So, this photo has been published officially
by Raash Magazine. It didn't take too long till
Efrat Kolberg has published it as well at her Facebook
fan page and sharing a little bit more. Her Facebook
sharing including photography credit and a credit for the magazine.
By sharing it she was writing that it was
fun to scream with Judy Anteby at Judy's show

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