Monday, March 20, 2017

At first class

So far - accept few workshops and "tips" - I
learned photography by myself. Because of a
thing that a good friend of mine said I have started
to learn at a photography school for having some
more information and get my technique better at
the ordinary way.

I  finally took the first class. It was a bit confusing for me.
From one hand - I did learn some new things that I should
have known, but it was a little bit too much informative at this class.
I enjoy more by doing the thing itself and learn this way.
It will take a part at some other classes.

The teacher is good. Some of the students....
Some came like me with a back round of art, some at
photography, some at other kinds of art and they want 
to make their artistic knowledge bigger with photography.
Some others have no connection to art and I don't get their 
reason for being there.

So, everyone needed to bring a photo for
showing the others at class what do we do as
a part of presenting ourselves.
I brought two photos and I wasn't sure which to bring.
Both of photos are flamenco shooting I took,
 I know personally the teacher, so before the class has started
I felt free to ask her opinion. She said that there is no doubt.
The black and white one? Yes of course.
The colored photo was a photo that I took of Mijal Natan
at a show she gave with her company at Sarona Market, Tel Aviv.
Mijal and her company has been invited to give a show for
pulling people to this place. This photo has been used also
at the Facebook page of Sarona Market. 
The photography teacher said that this photo looks like it
made for marketing. It has been used for it....
So clearly the other photo.
The other photo that I brought was the photo that
I show here. At this photo - the dancer Yael Yamin.

The photography teacher said that both photos are good, but
this one is better and she really loves this photo.
At the presenting ourselves at class - she said they can ask me
to see also the other photo. And a woman who came to learn
said that she is already an artist, but she made some other kinds
of arts so far. Now she wants to learn photography
for she could have some more are knowledge said
that by the way - my photo is really good. She enjoy looking
at my photo because it is so artistic

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