Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My projet

A flyer designed by Shiran Siboni

As you may noticed - I make a new project to raise
some money for a new camera. No much more time for it.

This is a link to the project:

I started a new course for making my technique better - accept
my experience. I still hardly receive money for my photography.
And my camera is a professional, but basic and work a lot.
Recently I found out how much people here don't accept to pay
for this work or can't. The people who can't - very few.
The people who won't - some are just a trouble and others can't understand
a good thing when they get it. I accept to give my heart for it
accept my experience and knowledge. And there are
some people who calls themselves "photographers"
and don't mind to tell what do they do that makes this job like
it's no matter at all, don't mind to say that others tells them that 
they are ruin the livelihood for other photographers and
don't see anything wrong in it (it did happen to me once recently, true story).

At my project you can receive many things,
including just a special thanks here, a certificate of appreciation
that has been designed for this project (only 100 pieces),
publishing here flyers for shows/theater plays/movies
that runs all over the world - with or without promoting at Facebook,
and in case you are at Tel Aviv or at the area - I can
take photos of you. The photos can be outdoors,
on rehearsals, recordings or on stage. 

I took a part and art exhibitions with works
that I made with a regular camera.

Since I have a professional camera.....

I took some photos of dogs at the foundation that
I volunteer at, all dogs accept one has been adopted since.
I took some photos of my own dogs.

I did take some workshops of modern dance
photography. I took by that some photos of
Angela Dance Company, Steps Company, Idan Cohen's dance
company, Daphna Noy and Adaia Berkowitz.

I started to take some flamenco photos.
You can see here some photos that I took of
Miguel Angel, Ilan Miller, Compas Company,
Noa Drezner, Ofir Atar, Shuky Shveiky, Yael Yamin
and many more.

By photos that I took at a show of Itamar Rothschild
I beame one of the crew of Raash Magazine.
I started to take photos at music shows that has no connection
to flamenco, most for the magazine.
At the shows that I took some photos you can find

  Efrat Kolberg
אף פעם לא היתה לי
בוטן מתוק בקרקס
Lily Fay
Yarona Caspi
Dana Berger
Oriana Sheffi
The Paz Band
Tal Ramon
Tal Fogel
Lola Marsh
Buttering Trio
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete
Screens 4 Eyes
Sharon Klein
Fatum Aeternum
Marina Maximilian
A tribute to Bob Marley
תופעת דופלר

And more shows and musicians.

Recently I also started to take some
photos a drag shows/parties. I became
the "home photographer" of the drag line 
DUYA - Drag Up Your Ass

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