Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Couple of mine from the other side

Recently I've been at Erlich Photography Center for listening to a lecture of the photographer Moshe Shay. Someone took photos of the photographer who gave the amazing lecture and photos of the audience. The lecture was full. One photo of the audience has been uploaded to the Facebook page of Erlich Photography Center at the same evening or at the morning after. A photo of all the audience. Now I was looking if there are some more. Well, there are. 

Without a meaning - we were five photographers of Raash Magazine (I am NOT the only photographer at this magazine). It was pretty funny to find out how many of us take places at this crowd. There are three "new" photos with me. One of them I dislike, but will show the other two that has been publish. The guy who is sitting next to me is the photographer Alon Levin. He's one of the other photographers from the magazine. I have a lot of respect to him. Accept the fact he's a good person - he gives me a good fight as a photographer. 

ארליך - מרכז הצילום של ישראל
הסוללים 3
תל אביב 

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