Thursday, March 9, 2017

7 days art challange

So, now on Facebook - #7daysartchallange. Artist challenge other artists. I still didn't find out who started it, but last week I've been challenged by the painter Eddie Shraga. Few years ago we took a part at the same exhibition at the city art gallery of Shoham, Israel. WE are still friends at Facebook. You should check out his work too, I truly think that I had an honor to take a aprt at the same exhibition with him. And the challenge is - to chose one work that you made (painting, photography, sculpture and so), put this hashtag, tell who challenged you, which day it is for you, few words on this work and for the end - to challenge someone else. 

So, I got my last day at this challenge. The biggest challenge for for me was to think which works to upload and on which to give up. I still still have so many photos that I took and proud of. The other challenge was to think which artists do I want to challenge (I have many Facebook friends who are talented artists) and to see which photo fit to challenge the next artist. 

And those are my final 7 photos of this challenge. Under each photo with people (which are most of photos) there are names of dance companies, dancers and musicians.

First day 

Second day

Angela Dance Company

Third day

Compas Company

Forth day

Miguel Angel (Espino)

Fifth day

Yarona Caspi

Sixth day

Steps Company

Seventh day

Efrat Kolberg

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