Thursday, April 27, 2017

I probably did something good

Since I published my wish lists happened two things:

Someone who I used to think that she's my friend and I took
her photos more than once.... The last time was for Raash Magazine.
Then I found out that she isn't my friend and probably never was.
After publishing my wish lists - I met her by chance at street.
I was at a walk with my dog, she was with her husband.
No chance that they didn't see us. Too close to each other
and we walked to the opposite sides. I didn't look to their way.
Anything to look like I don't know them and I don't give a damn.
She made a try to say something to her husband. When we've been
through next to them - first time that I heard her mumble. I think
 and hope that I am right that she was shocked that her
"obsessive fan" don't give a damn about her. 

I was uploading to my Facebook page
(look for Orna Timen Official Page)
links for my wish lists of photography.
At the list of musicians - some singed "like".
One got angry or at least signed this way.
Does my wish list of what do I want to have
at my photography career as a threat?

And until I could fulfill my career
and make a living out of it (one of my points at my wish lists)
and for making it easier - you can help at any amount you can
through PayPal

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