Monday, April 24, 2017

The wish list No. 4

And after all - the thing that gave me courage
to make photography as more than just a hobby
was the fact I got deep into flamenco world.

So, some flamenco artists from Spain that I would love
to take their photos.... If it's while dancing, playing or sining
it will be for the best, but it doesn't have to be.
Some I saw from close, but not all I could take their photos
as I want to


Miguel Angel (yeah, again)
El Carpeta
Rocío Molina
Belén Maya
Adrian Santana
Concha Jareño
Rafael Amargo
Maria Juncal
Marco Flores
Domingo Ortega
La India
Úrsula López
Juan De Juan
Ivan Vargas
Karla Guzman
Cristina Hoyos
Eva Yerbabuena
Eva Iglesias
Amelia Vega
Ana Morales
Olga Pericet
Andres Peña


Estrella Morente
Maria Toledo
La Caita
Antonia Jiménez
Miguel Poveda
Mayte Martín
Jesus Corbacho
Marina Heredia
Niña Pastori

Until I could do it (better be in Spain)
please help me with any amount you can
through PayPal

Thank you

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