Thursday, April 13, 2017

Silver Side Up

Couple more postcards that I designed to Fresh Paint Fair.
As people from the fair told me - it didn't even get to them,
never mind I sent them the postcards two months or so before
it happened this year.

Now I'm waiting they will send me back, but last time I was checking
out with them - even after a week after the fair was finished they
still don't have it.

The writing on the postcard is a name of a CD that I love,
the first metal CD ever that I got - the first international
CD of Nickelback. I love Rock music, but with metal - very
few groups and songs of other groups. Nickelback is probably
the metal group that I love the most.

The idea for taking the name of this CD came because of
a weird thing that happened at Fresh Pain Fair few years
ago when my postcards did get there on time and sold

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