Friday, April 7, 2017

The home photographer under the lens of her own camera

After another party/show of the drag line DUYA - Drag Up Your Ass that happens every month at Levontin 7, Tel Aviv. This time it was happy because it was a party for a year of this drag line which has started and goes on thanks to Shirley Charlie Kleinman.

Few things that I have to say about it:

- It's getting better every month. 
- I'm proud that I became "the home photographer" of this amazing thing.
- One of the moments that I'm glad that there is another photographer at the room. This way I received a photo of mine at the artists' room of Levontin 7. Thanks Nora! 
- The full album with the performers and the people who came to party this time will be uploaded to Facebook and here soon. 
- I'm still shocked that I accepted to stay with this stupid hat almost all evening....

I hope to see you there next month! 
And for many more years of DUYA - Drag Up Your Ass

A photo by Nora Savosnick

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