Sunday, April 16, 2017

One more thing before go on

It would be nice if you would help and give
a little for I could give something at the link up.
You can also invite me to take your photos for money.
I do try to make a living out of photography, but
still the people that I take their photos and the magazine
that I take photos for can't pay much - in case they can.

So, for I could go on.
I hope that soon I could make
a living out of it respectfully, buy
a new camera and one or two new lens
and have my own studio.

I took many outdoors portraits, took a part
in many group exhibitions, took photos of dogs
and cats of the foundation that I volunteer at (they look for
some good homes for dog and cats that don't have it), I
took photos at rehearsals/shows/workshops of cancing
and took photos an many music shows.

I took some photos of my 
own dogs. For recommending and
practice by the way - I take some photos of 
food at places when I eat at some good places.

In case you own magazine that can pay for photography,
stage artists, own vegetarian/vegan food restaurants, private
people who want some pro photos of their own or of their dog....

You can write me to
or donate at the PayPal link up

For watch some more and give some more support
you can look at Facebook a page called
Orna Timen Official Page

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