Monday, April 24, 2017

The wish list No. 1

1. I want to make a living from photography

2. I know that not all people that I take their photos or
taking photos for them understand that I suppose to receive
money for it. Those who understand - can't pay much. I hope
that all will understand and will be able to pay good.

3. I wish to make many more photos of music and dance
at shows and rehearsals. That thing is getting improves
every months and happens, sometime more often and
sometimes I can wait a long time (for me) till it happens.
Just hope that soon it will be an amazing thing to show off
more than it is now already. 

4. I want to work with some more magazines
accept the one that I'm already work with. And I
mean by magazines from all over the world.

5. I want to have even two more pro
cameras (I have the Nikon models at my mind)
and some new lens.

6. I want my own studio with many cool
things in it.

7. I want to take some more dogs'
photos. Not only photos of my own dogs
or the dogs pf the foundation - I also
want to take some photos for some people
who have dogs, love their dogs and accept
to pay for pro photos of their dogs.

8. I want to take some photos for restaurants and coffee
shops that fits to vegetarians and vegans. I want it won't 
be only for my pleasure and my recommendation.
It will be as a work and by that still
it will be good enough to promote those places.

9. I want to start taking photos for theater.

10. I want to start taking photos of movie stars.

11. I started as an exhibitions' photographers.
It's been a long time since my last time at exhibitions.
It takes a lot of money and connections. I miss it
and want to take a part again at exhibitions.

12. I have some places at Israel that I still didn't take a part
at exhibitions and I wish to like Jerusalem and Haifa.

13. I want to have my first solo exhibition. It' about time
for it, but again - money and connections. And I want that
my first solo exhibition will be at Tel Aviv.

14. But I'm not a provincial !!
I want to exhibit also at galleries around the world.
London, Amsterdam, Venice, Prague, Madrid, Berlin,
New York City, Vancouver, Tokyo, Hong Kong,
Singapore, Melbourne - here I come!
I hope that one day when I'm still alive - my
photography will be hang over your art galleries.

15. I want that it will be enough to take
me for at least a month of staying and learning
flamenco at Seville. The flamenco was
the thing that made me feel sure enough
to make photography more than
a hobby. I know it could look a little weird,
but this is me.

16. I found out that I love drag. I want to take
some more photos of drag kings and queens.
So far it looks like it will go on.

17. I want that the night life that I take photos won't
finish with drag. Parties that not include drag will  be also good.
And pubs.

18. I want to be at least for few years of being the
official photographer of some musicians and actors.

Till the day I could get all of this
and start to make a living out of my photography
please help me as much as you can if you love what
you see in here.
You can do it through PayPal - as much as you can

Thank you for your time

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